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Kayla Stanfield GTKY

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Hey y’all! My name is Kayla Stanfield and I’m from Edgecombe County currently residing in Martin County. From the time I could walk on my own, my dad and grandad had me out in the woods and up on a dog box. Every weekend growing up was full of something to do with the outdoors. I’ll never forget all the cold afternoons sitting up in a stand with one of them. My very first deer was taken while sitting there with my dad at around 12 years old. Something I am a huge supporter of is hunting with hounds. The hound life has always surrounded me. We ran deer with dogs during the season and off season was spent in a fox pen. I’m blessed now to be grown with a fiancé who enjoys hunting whether it’s in a stand or with our hounds. My hope is to keep hunting a tradition for future generations to enjoy. Good luck to all and stay safe!

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