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Diana Lyles GTKY

I am 52 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband Danny for 27

years. I have three stepchildren and five grandchildren ranging from ages 16 to 21. I

have lived in the wonderful area of Halifax County, North Carolina all my life, and

would not change that for anything. The town of Roanoke Rapids is a small community

that has a strong passion for the outdoors with multiple generations of outdoorsmen and

women. We are located along the Roanoke River and are proud to include the area of

Weldon, known as ‘The Rock Fish Capitol of the World’, as part of our county.

I started hunting small game at the age of eight, and killed my first deer at 16. I absolutely love the outdoors and the sports of hunting and fishing! It is my passion, and

it runs in my blood. I have given up jobs and even friends to fulfill my passion for

hunting. I am the main hunter in my family, as my husband loves golf more than

hunting. There are plenty of days during season when he is on the golf course, and I am

out in the woods.

Although hunting isn’t his passion, he does hunt on the small parcel of

land that we call home. He loves to tell me, “Let me know when you’re ready, and I’ll go

kill the big one.” He is ‘that guy’ that only hunts three times a year and kills a wall

hanger each time he goes out.

I hunt squirrel, duck, turkey, whitetail, coyote, and bear. I have not killed a bear

yet but it is on my list for this year. I have been hunting bear for a few years now,

and it just has not been in the cards for me to harvest one. I also love fresh and

saltwater fishing. My favorite time of fishing season is the opening day of Rock Fish

(Striped Bass) season.

I am happy just sharing my stories and getting my generation as well as the next

generation of women, interested in the world of the great outdoors!

Remember, you are never too old to dream or hunt!!!

I look forward to getting to know more about you!

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Tammie Braxton
Tammie Braxton
Oct 26, 2020

I love all the pics. I will be 52 in November and my oldest daughter has finally decided that she wants to go on a hunt with me and her daughter (my granddaughter that goes with me.) I think that is my favorite thing now, Is teaching!


Brittany Hines
Brittany Hines
Oct 26, 2020

Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

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