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My name is Amber. I am the director of events for WHNC. I was searching on Facebook for women that are interested in things like me; hunting, fishing, 4wheeling, shooting, don't mind getting muddy or peeing in the woods 😂. I found this group of ladies when there was only a dozen or so ladies in the group. The founders started posting about the 1st annual get-to-gether. I was SOLD! I waisted no time getting my ticket. I couldn't wait to hang out with like-minded ladies. I showed up to the get-to-gether and we cooked and ate food that we harvested. We sat by the fire and told our hunting stories, the good and the not so good 😂. We shared our experiences we told jokes and laughed till our bellies hurt! It was then that I knew I found my tribe, my people, my no-judgement zone, my hunting family, my sister's! I'm so thankful for this group!


I absolutely love the sisterhood. I love that we can talk about our wins and losses in a non-judgmental platform and still feel empowered!

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