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Snead’s Venison Stove Top Stew

Submitted by: Tonya Woody

   I use a 16 quart pot

     4  strips of bacon fried ( break into small pieces put grease and meat in stew)

3 tbl spoon  olive oil or bacon drippings

8 lbs of venison stew meat ( more if desired )

¼   cup of flour( used for batter if frying meat)

7 (4 lb) chopped onions

4 stalks of chopped celery

2 cup of chopped carrots

1 gal of chopped tomatoes  ( peeled)

1    large can of tomatoes with basil, garlic

8    lbs of chopped potatoes   ( peeled )

1   cup red wine

3    qt  beef stock ( add 3rd.  qt if needed to thin stew after all ingredients in pot)

1 qt chicken stock

4    dried cayenne pepper pods ( remove when stew is hot enough)

4    lb butter beans

1 qt of corn

2 small cans of mushrooms

¼   cup of sugar

2   tbs black pepper

add black pepper and salt to taste

add other spices that you like ( emerald’s regular, two tablespoons)

Marinate for meat

8 lb of meat

1 1 bottle of beer

1/3 bottle of Moore’s marinate

sprinkle with black pepper

sprinkle salt  on meat

1 teaspoons of mesquite liquid smoke

mix in stainless steel pan or plastic pot, cover with aluminum foil and let sit in refrigerator over night

Drain the meat and cook

cook part or all of meat in pressure cooker, cook 15 minutes per pound  use wine and 1 qt. of beef stock for liquid, use one small can of mushrooms, salt and pepper and one dried cayenne pepper. Use electric mixer to mince meat before adding to stew.


batter meat and brown in frying pan using bacon drippings or olive oil, make gravy and deglaze pan with wine, pour into a large pot that has the broth already in and is heated. Add all rest of ingredients. Add more broth if needed and cook until done.

The stew recipe has two options, I have cooked it both ways but I like the meat cooked in the pressure cooker best. When I browned the meat and made gravy I had to stir almost all the time to keep it from sticking and the meat did not come apart. The taste was good but I think the pressure cooked meat taste the best.


A good basic method to have is the basic rue, its the start of many sauces including an incredible gravy. You need to have some flour, butter or margarine or oil, and drippings or milk (for a white sauce) or broth (beef or chicken or whatever) Start by measuring how much broth you have you will need 1 tablespoon of flour for each cup of liquid you have. I will proceed as though you have 2 cups of broth. using a medium sauce pan melt 2 tablespoons of butter or margarine over medium heat. Whisk in 2 tablespoons of flour, cook briefly (about 1-2 minutes for white rue, until browned for a brown rue). add your liquid slowly whisking the entire time until all the liquid is added, continue to whisk until mixture thickens and starts to bubble. Use a clean spoon to taste it, season to taste.

If you want it very brown use a little Kitchen Bouquetfor browning

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