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Colleen G2KY

Have been an animal lover all my life and only exposed to what I will call "poaching" stories from my uncle which made me definitely not want to be a hunter. His actions seemed "off" and what I know now to be unethical which put me off to the entire idea. I know NOW that he was poaching. At the time I thought he was a hunter. Fast forward several decades and I move to NC and become exposed to REAL hunters; their philosophy, conservation efforts, sometimes management minded, meat in the freezer, etc. position and I thought, what the hell, I'll give it a try. I'm thinking...47 and starting to hunt? yeah, why not. A friend of mine from up north, having talked to me about his hunting escapades and my desire to start hunting, has since gifted me both his crossbow (Barnett Jackal) and a muzzleloader (don't ask, I have no idea). I have also purchased a Savage Axis .243. So my arsenal is growing. I watched some (thousands) of videos & tv shows, took my hunter education course, went to some seminars, BOWs, a GSO and just got my butt in the woods. I started hunting my small slice of property (with zero success) for deer, for the past three years. I can get the deer onto my property but they are almost strictly nocturnal. I've hunted both deer & turkey in the game lands in Franklin/Nash County. I had wanted to have my first harvest be with my crossbow but was afforded the opportunity, by Kim Potts, to hunt with her in a large field with targets going to be out of crossbow range. So, she sighted in my Savage and set me UP!!! I had been getting jaded by the complete lack of even SEEING anything while hunting but know damn well that is is called HUNTING for a reason. Otherwise it would be called KILLING. I'm hooked.

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