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After 2 years of tag soup

Due to the incredible generosity of Kim Potts I was able to harvest my first dear.

I have been crossbow hunting my small slice of property and game lands for 2 years. Both deer and turkey. With zero success. I spent some of my first stimulus money check on a Savage Axis .243. Kim was nice enough to sight it in for me because I didn't have any place to do it.

Kim invited me to Hunt on her property but we ended up hunting on her neighbor's property. I was given a potential hit list and told which management dear to leave alone. The girl I took was an older doe who had been hit by a car and was surviving on three legs and one mangled leg for several years, apparently. I was told if she showed up that she should be a good target. She not only showepresentedd up but herself but presented herself broadside and offered me a perfect shot. So I took it. And by the way, it was a perfect shot on my part. I couldn't believe it! It seemed too easy. After all this time of not seeing any deer at all, to seeing six and being able to harvest one!!!! So many firsts for today. First time hunting on private land. First time seeing a deer while hunting. First time using my Savage Axis .243 and first time successfully harvesting a deer. Her meat will provide me with many, many meals that are much healthier than beef. Grateful for this experience in soooo many ways!!! I have kept her hide, because I plan on tanning it. I have kept her skull because I plan on doing a European mount with it. I will hang it on the fence outside.

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