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First of all, thank you so much for being a member of Women Hunters of NC! We are so grateful to have such dedicated women be part of our group who share the same passion as we do!  After careful consideration, we have decided to ask for a small membership fee from every member to help us on our journey to promote education and empowerment amongst women in NC.  Your membership fee will help us attend events, pay for our website, promotional items, education fees and membership fees that benefit the group!  By deciding to be a paying member you will also be part of any affiliation that we are in as a paying member (example, North Carolina Wildlife Federation) as well as perks such as special pricing for our sponsors and companies like Vortex and Bear Optics as well as special pricing from our website.  Also, as a paying member, we will send a monthly financial update to show what your contribution has done! - Brittany

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