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The AR-15 is known for being the most versatile weapon system, easy to change and adapt to meet the operator's needs. The GunSkins AR-15 Rifle Skin allows you to conceal, protect, and customize your AR-15 or M4 carbine. This easy-to-install gun wrap allows you to add a non-permanent camo finish to all your AR furniture in just a few hours.

Included are pre-cut pieces for the upper and lower receiver, pistol grip, 16" picatinny rails, and one set of mag skins. Lastly, 22" of additional material for the forend, buttstock, and other accessories. Consider bundling with a Scope Skin or Gear Skin for additional material.

GunSkins are 100% waterproof, non-reflective, and made in the USA. Tired of everything being matte black? Don't settle for a low quality decal for your AR-15 when you can wrap it with the best!

GunSkins AR-15 Skins

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